WonderWebWare Template Shaker

WonderWebWare Template Shaker 3.6

With this program you can to create your own templates in an easy and fast way

Do you want to create your own templates in an easy and fast way? With Template Shaker, you can do this and much more. This software is designed to allow you to select the color, the background, the font, the images, and the objects you want on your web page. It is very simple, you simply choose a template from a list and customize it. Then is when your creative genius comes to play. Hundreds of templates can be created, since you have unlimited options of color change, images, fonts, layout and objects. You do not need to be an experienced user, a Help option is available every time a content is selected, so that every step you take is completely guided. There are several predetermined images to use or they can be inserted from your own files. Once the template has been customized you can go to your favorite HTTP editor and complete the job. You are able to create your web page, using your imagination and good taste. There are no limits when it comes to combine colors, backgrounds and images. Moreover you have the option of instantly watching your progress, since at the bottom of the screen the template is shown, as you select a color or image, the change is immediately done for you to see whether you like it or not. Every part of the template can be customized, from pixels to the quantity of columns, the menus, sub menus, the titles and whatever comes to your mind. No restrictions to your creativity, no limits. Template Shaker assures a fast and safe way to work with templates. Let your mind play and be original from the beginning.

Guada Morán
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  • Wide variety of options, extremely easy to use, fast to download, reliable


  • Available only in English, not available for Mac, not so good page design
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